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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

The Start of the Autumn 2022 Term

The start of September sees the beginning of the Autumn 2022 term. This period covers from September through to Christmas and provides leaders with 40 activity cards and themed programmes to explore. Below we take a look at some of our Autumn 2022 highlights.

Head to our Programme Hub to check out all the resources for Autumn 2022.

Autumn 2022 Highlights.


999 Themed Programme (Anchors) – Our emergency services are always there to look after us when we need them the most. Help children explore what our emergency services do and how we can call upon then if we face an emergency situation – a crucial life skill.

The Plastic Fish (Anchors) – Our Oceans are full of plastic and it’s having a big impact on the creatures that live there. For National Recycling Week (19th September 2022) take a look at what causes our plastic pollution and how we can reduce it, with our plastic fish craft.


Coding Themed Programme (Juniors) – Coding is a skill that is becoming more and more important in this even-increasing technological world. Explore some of the basics of code with these simple to run coding activities, all of which don’t require a computer and are designed for beginners. Link with National Coding Week (19th September 2022)

Floating into Space (Juniors) – Celebrate World Space Week (4th-10th October 2022) by creating a stunning piece of art that sees an astronaut float off into space, on an adventure to explore the planets of our solar system. What will you learn about our solar system in the process?


The Good Samaritan Themed Programme (Company) – Take a look at the story of the Good Samaritan in a slightly different way, that helps bring some modern-day scenarios and challenges into the parable. Do you have what it takes to make a ‘Good Neighbour’ to the people around you?

Remembering our BB Heroes (Company) – Take a look at some of the incredible stories of bravery from former BB members who fought in WW1 or WW2. Our three videos tell the stories of John Dimmer, John Hannah and Edward Charlton, all of which were awarded the Victoria Cross for their heroic actions.


Driving Themed Programme (Seniors) – Learning to drive is something many Seniors will be looking forward to doing, or be on their way to achieving. Use this themed programme to dive into some of the joys of driving as well as some of the important things to know whilst behind the wheel.

Knife Crime (Seniors) – Knife crime is an issue that impacts people across the UK, particularly young people. Use our activity card to take a look at some of the shocking stats, understand why carrying a knife doesn’t provide protection and how knives can have horrific consequences for all involved.

Other Autumn 2022 highlights include Jesus Heals a Blind Man (Anchors), The Leafy Hedgehog (Anchors), Torches (Juniors), Joseph (Juniors), Video Games (Company), Life to the Full (Company), Survival Skills: A Plan for Survival (Seniors), Fitness (Seniors).

Autumn 2022 Programme Webinar

Catch up on our Autumn 2022 programme webinar, where we went through many more highlights for the programme ahead and shared other updates and tips to help you with your programme planning.

If you have any questions about the programme resources or need any support then please get in touch with us at programme@boys-brigade.org.uk