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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

2022 marks The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, a celebration of 70 years on the throne. The United Kingdom has never celebrated a Platinum Jubilee before, so it really is a special occasion and worth commemorating.

The nation will be coming together on the extended weekend of 2nd to 5th June 2022 to celebrate. What could you do as part of your programme in the run up, or during, the Jubilee weekend to allow your children and young people to get involved?

To support leaders in celebrating the Platinum Jubilee we’ve put together a range of resources, competitions and ideas that you can use.  

Activity Cards

There are five specially created Platinum Jubilee activity cards to help children and young people explore more about the Queen, her life and her 70 years on the throne.

Anchors: The Queen and the Crown (Get Learning)

Juniors: The Queen and Her Life (Get Learning)

Company: The Queen and the Commonwealth (Get Learning)

Seniors: The Queen and Her Faith (Get Learning)

All Ages: Platinum Jubilee Party (Themed Programme)

On Her Majesty’s Service: We’ve also partnered with HOPE Together and other organisations to produce some resources aimed at 11-14 year olds, that explore 7 key values the Queen lives by and how her faith has been the motivation of her service over the last 70 years. Find our more and explore the resources at theplatinumjubilee.com/learn/uniformed-organisations

Activity Sheets: We have also produced three activity sheets that can be incorporated into your programme. Activity sheets make a great arrival activity or a ‘5 minute filler’ to your programme.

Find The Queen’s Corgi Maze

Platinum Jubilee Wordsearch

Platinum Jubilee Flag Colouring Sheet


Platinum Jubilee Colouring Competition

Anchors and Juniors are challenged to colour in our specially created colouring sheet, designed to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. The top 70 entries will then be used to create a card to give to HM The Queen on behalf of The Boys’ Brigade, to wish her congratulations on her 70 years as Queen.

There will be a £50 prize for the winner in each age group. Entries are to be submitted by Friday 20th May 2022. Find out more at our Competitions area on the Programme Hub.  

Platinum Jubilee Tea Party Competition

We’re looking for cakes that are fit for the Queen! Children and young people in all age groups are invited to decorate a cake themed around the Jubilee celebrations. Cakes are only being judged on their decoration, so those taking part will need to consider how they can best decorate their cake to celebrate the Jubilee.

There will be a £50 prize for the winner in each age group. Entries are to be submitted by Monday 6th June Find out more at our Competitions area on the Programme Hub.  

Other Resources

Platinum Jubilee Badge

A special badge has been designed to celebrate the Jubilee and can be worn by members on their armbands, acting as a great way for all our members to commemorate these national celebrations. Whilst there is no specific criteria for gaining the badge, Companies may wish to use the programme resources to help members achieve it.

The badge is priced at £2.25 and is available via BB Supplies

Celebration Party Packs

To help celebrate the Platinum Jubilee and throw your own party, we’ve put together some party packs. These include a 5m length of bunting (featuring BB logo and Union Flag), 20 hand flags (featuring BB logo on one side and Union flag on the other side), 20 balloons (10 blue BB logo balloons and 10 purple balloons featuring BB Platinum Jubilee design), 20 food/cake flags (featuring BB Platinum Jubilee design) and 20 Party Blowers. The bunting and flags are designed with the Union Flag on one side and the BB logo on the other, meaning these resources could be used for other celebrations in the future too.

The celebration Party Pack is available in two options:

  • Party Pack with Bunting for £32.00
  • Party Pack without Bunting for £22.00

To get your Party Pack you need to order by 20th April, and packs will be distributed by 6th May 2022. The Party Packs are only available as a pre-order.

Order your Party Pack Now!

Selfie Frame

A selfie frame that can be used by groups to capture moments of celebration around the Jubilee will be sent to every Company, via the Summer 2022 Gazette (as part of the Company Mailing which is sent to Company Captains). Companies are encouraged to take photos using the selfie frame and share them on social media using #PlatinumJubilee #BoysBrigade.  

BB Supplies Items

We have produced a range of limited edition products that can be purchased from BB Supplies, to help celebrate and commemorate this significant milestone. Platinum Jubilee branded items include

These items make fantastic gifts or could be used as prizes for Jubilee themed competitions within your programme.