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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Activity Cards, Themed Programme Activity Cards & Programme Planners


Using the Activity Cards, a leader will be supported to deliver a dynamic and varied programme each year and avoid repetition. Each term a set of Activity Cards will provide leaders with ‘ready-to-go’ activities which means the card contains all the information a leader needs to organise the activity successfully. There will be one Activity Card for each of the 6 Activity Areas each term.

You can find the activity cards available to download from the Programme Hub or Online Brigade Manager (OBM) as PDF files (which you can open in Adobe Acrobat Reader or other compatible software) to print off locally. 

The bright and colourful cards each provide clear information for leaders to follow along with additional information to support the delivery of the activity. Below you will find more details about what you should expect to find on each Activity Card.







The leader preparation symbol, which can be found on the Activity Cards for each and every activity, is there to help provide an indication to leaders on the equipment/resources and preparation time required for this activity.

The leader preparation symbols are as follows: 

  • Ready to Go – this means that the activity requires no equipment and leaders should be able to run this activity with no preparation in advance of the meeting required.
  • In the Cupboard – this means that the equipment required should be in your cupboard (see list of equipment it is useful to have in your cupboard on page 9) and that the leader does not need to do any preparation in advance of the meeting.
  • Preparation Required – this means that the equipment required may need to be purchased or collected and/or that the leader may need to do some preparation in advance of the meeting night.



These will bring together activities from several of the Activity Areas based on a theme. Usually these cards will feature at least 5 activities from at least 4 different Activity Areas.

These Themed Programme Activity Cards will help leaders to identify how themes can be helpful in providing variety and balance in the delivery of the programme. It might not be the case that you could run all the activities on one meeting night and there is no expectation that you should, again these are ‘Pick and mix’ activities from which you can choose those that will work best with your young people. Themed Programmes could be split and run across more than one meeting.

Each of the Themed Programme Activity Cards includes:

  • Index – a list of activities within the themed programme.
  • Illustrations – to help bring the activity to life, sometimes this will be instructional.
  • Aim – focused on what you are seeking to achieve through the activities.
  • Introduction – containing background information for leaders.
  • Did you know? – Some useful facts and information linked to the activity which leaders can share with the group whilst carrying out the activity.

Each activity within the themed programme also includes:

  • Activity Area – identifying which Activity Area the activity is linked to.
  • Time – estimated time to carry out this activity (not including preparation).
  • Leader Preparation – an indication of the equipment and resources required for this activity (Ready to Go, In the Cupboard or Preparation Required).
  • What You’ll Need – making sure you have everything you need.
  • Getting into the Activity – the main body of the activity with step by step instructions.



The Programme Planner is provided termly for each age group and covers every week within that term – providing ideas, highlighting national festivals and awareness days, signposting resources and identifying which activities will be fully resourced as part of the next set of Activity Cards and Themed Programme Activity Cards.

The programme planner is there to support leaders in programme planning and is not designed to be a syllabus which has to be followed.



Some activities within the programme have activity sheets which have been designed to be used as part of the activity. The activity sheets are available to download from the Programme Hub or Online Brigade Manager (OBM) as PDF files (which you can open in Adobe Acrobat Reader or other compatible software) to print off locally. You will see a download symbol wherever there is a activity sheet available.