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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Over 750 groups (Companies) meet weekly across the UK & Republic of Ireland and members participate in age–related programmes of activity. Most Companies provide activities for children and young people right through from 5 to 18 years. Some Companies welcome girls as well as boys, through membership of The Girls’ Association.

Each Company may be organised into four age groups, with the following core ages:

  • Anchors for children aged 5–8 years (can be from 4 years in some groups)
  • Juniors for children aged 8–11 years
  • Company for young people aged 11–14 years
  • Seniors for young people aged 14–18

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The youngest age group (core age group 5 to 8 years – although some groups from 4 years) of The Boys’ Brigade, from an early age they are introduced and participate in a wide range of activities within the organisation. They are given opportunities to learn, play, be creative and be introduced to the Bible. At Anchors we encourage the development of key skills to enable children to grow as individuals and explore their faith. Anchors provides a great opportunity to make and develop new friendships in an environment which is fun and inspiring.

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Juniors (core age group 8 to 11 years) gives older children a chance to build and develop as individuals within the organisation and within their own group (Company). The programme provides challenges, adventure and opportunities to learn and grow. The fun and engaging programme enables the children to work in a team and take more responsibility. Juniors also get the opportunity to go on camps and residential trips, and for some this will be their first night away from home.

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Young people (core age group 11 to 14 years) in this age group get the chance to develop existing and learn new skills. Getting involved in the Discover Programme young people have a fun, balanced and challenging programme of activities. Young people are encouraged to have a say and help shape their own programme. They can get involved in anything from helping others in their local community to playing sports, trying our adventure activities or being creative through dance or art – there’s something for everyone!

There’s an opportunity for young people at this age to get involved in longer camps and residentials as well as expeditions and starting out on working toward their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

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Young people (core age group 14 to 18 years) in this age group are encouraged to lead their own programme, supported by volunteer leaders. It’s all about the young people deciding what they would like to do and organising it for themselves. The ‘Challenge Plus’ programme for this age group is all about projects and challenges, encouraging young people to complete projects as part of a team and challenges as individuals. Projects where young people decide what they’re going to do, get on with it and evaluate how it all went could include ‘Homelessness’, ‘Conservation’, ‘Driving’, ‘Preparing for Work’ amongst many more.

Young people can gain the highest awards in The Boys’ Brigade including The Queen’s Badge as well as other awards like Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. There’s even more opportunities with this age group with additional opportunities opening up, young people may get involved in volunteering to work with younger age groups or in an international project such as an exchange.

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