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Juniors Programme & Awards

Find out more about our Programme for the Juniors Age Group . . .



Through our programme we want to provide children and young people with opportunities to develop skills, to be creative, to have adventures, to try new things, to get to know Jesus and to make a difference



As a young person starts out on their BB adventure, we believe they are entitled

 to experience new challenges. To develop and use existing skills, to learn new skills, to develop confidence, to have a sense of achievement and receive recognition.

… to be listened to and have a say. To have their opinions listened to and acted upon wherever possible.

… to be respected and valued. To be trusted and given responsibility, to be treated as you would like to be treated, to experience a safe environment, to be individually appreciated, to have the opportunity to be part of the wider community.

… to have fun. To be able to come to BB because they enjoy it and want to.

… to have the opportunity to develop a personal Christian faith. To be able to explore their own faith, at their own speed, in a way that is approachable and meets their individual needs.