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The Boys’ Brigade works with young people around the world and membership of the Global fellowship of Christian Youth unites international organisations with a common heritage and shared mission for the future.


BB International

BB International is a subgroup of young leaders from across the Brigade in the UK & RoI who help to co-ordinate, develop and promote international resources and opportunities available to the membership. This includes programme resources, fundraising and awareness projects and international course, exchanges and experiences.


European Fellowship of Christian Youth

The European Fellowship of Christian Youth (EF) is a network of Christian youth organisations from across Europe who work together to support their members. Member organisations include ÆSKÞ Iceland, FDF Denmark, IKE Transylvania, and LNK Finland. Events offered annually include the BeOne Ecumenical Course and Easter Course as well as opportunities to attend national and local events hosted by organisations and local groups. More information can be found at www.europeanfellowship.com

Upcoming Events

  • BeOne Ecumenical Course is open to registered members aged 18-30 years and has been postponed until 23rd – 26th June 2022.
  • Easter Course Transylvania 2022 is open to registered members aged 18-30 years and takes place on 10th – 17th April 2022.

To register interest for these events please email v.staples@boys-brigade.org.uk


Global Fellowship of Christian Youth

Global Fellowship is an international umbrella organisation connecting Christian youth organisations in 60 countries around the world. The vast majority of organisations are Boys’ Brigade, together with a variety of kindred organisations. Global Fellowship works across the globe to support its members with opportunities, support and development. More information can be found at www.globalfellowship.net


If you wish to find out more regarding international opportunities and experiences, then please contact our Lead for International Affairs, Vaughan by emailing v.staples@boys-brigade.org.uk