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The Boys’ Brigade has a small, dedicated team of staff supporting our amazing volunteers across the country. You will find contact information below which will hopefully help direct you to the right person to contact.

General enquiries

General enquiries: support@boys-brigade.org.uk or 0300 303 4454
Programme: programme@boys-brigade.org.uk
Gazette: gazette@boys-brigade.org.uk
Safeguarding: safeguarding@boys-brigade.org.uk
Data Protection: dataprotection@boys-brigade.org.uk
BB Supplies: supplies@boys-brigade.org.uk
Archive Trust: archive@boys-brigade.org.uk

Conference & Training Centres

Felden Lodge: info@feldenlodge.co.uk
Carronvale House: info@carronvalehouse.co.uk

Key Contacts

Jonathan Eales – Chief Executive
Jonathan is responsible for delivering the strategic aims of the organisation, managing the overall resources and supporting the Brigade Executive (Trustees).
Contact: jonathan.eales@boys-brigade.org.uk

Natalie Whipday – Director for Operations
Natalie leads the operations teams, including programme, safeguarding and support for leaders. Natalie is also the principal staff support for the England & Wales Committees.
Contact: natalie.whipday@boys-brigade.org.uk

John Sharp – Director for Development and Communications
John leads the development and communications teams, and also handles any media enquiries. John is also the principal staff support for the Scotland Committee.
Contact: john.sharp@boys-brigade.org.uk

Chris Norman – Delivery and Programme Manager
Chris leads the development of our programme and resources for all age groups. Chris oversees the development of OBM and IT infrastructure, as well as supporting our supplies operation.
Contact: chris.norman@boys-brigade.org.uk

Vaughan Staples – Development and Support Manager
Vaughan leads the development support provided to BB groups and can be contacted by those interested in establishing a new group. Vaughan is our staff lead on inclusion and international affairs.
Contact: v.staples@boys-brigade.org.uk

Debbie Moore – Safeguarding Manager
Debbie leads on all matters relating to safeguarding within the organisation, and is the initial point of contact for all concerns or enquiries relating to safeguarding.
Contact: debbie.moore@boys-brigade.org.uk

Alan Hunter – Leader Development Manager
Alan leads our work in providing training and supporting the ongoing development of our leaders across the organisation.
Contact: alan.hunter@boys-brigade.org.uk

Gina Alderson – Finance Manager
Gina is responsible for the organisation’s day to day finances, oversees stock control of our online retail operation and manages the restricted and designated funds that support our work. Gina also supports the Treasurer and Finance Committee.
Contact: gina.alderson@boys-brigade.org.uk

Brigade President

To contact the Brigade President, Rev Dez Johnston, please email ambika.chadda@boys-brigade.org.uk

Northern Ireland

The Boys’ Brigade in Northern Ireland has a dedicated staff team to support leaders locally. You can get in contact with our Northern Ireland team on nihq@boys-brigade.org.uk or 028 9268 8444.