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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary


The Boys’ Brigade engages with over 40,000 children and young people every week providing opportunities to learn, grow and discover in a safe, fun and caring environment which is rooted in the Christian faith. 

What we do enables children and young people to engage with the needs of others (especially other young people) locally, nationally and globally and encouraging them to participate in activities and projects in which they can make a difference.

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The Boys’ Brigade is dependent on over 11,500 volunteer leaders who come from all walks of life to share their time, skills, passion and faith. Many of our leaders come from within the Church family of which the Company is a part and see the work within BB as a practical expression of their Christian witness.

Volunteers work across a variety of different roles within the Company, most directly supporting children and young people, with others working behind the scenes. Our leaders have access to a range of training modules to equip them to work effectively with children and young people. Local support networks exist to provide opportunities for volunteers to meet together and share.

National and Regional Headquarters also exist to provide advice and support to local groups as well as ensuring provision of safe and robust recruitment procedures and practical measures such as insurance, safeguarding, programmes and resources.

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“We’ve got 16 year olds in our Church, because we start with 5 year olds”

For over 135 years The Boys’ Brigade has partnered local churches to work with children and young people, sharing the gospel and encouraging the development of a personal Christian faith. Today we work with over 1,200 churches of all denominations that use our programmes and resources to reach out to over 40,000 children and young people each week.

For many churches, The Boys’ Brigade provides a bridge into communities that they otherwise might find difficult to access. And remember through The Boys’ Brigade churches have opportunities to reach out to families with whom they would otherwise have no contact.

Our prayer and hope is that children and young people experience life to the full through coming to know Jesus for themselves.

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