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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

The Boys’ Brigade has a set of policies and regulations to ensure that our work with children and young people is safe, consistent and in accordance with legislation.

Key Policies

Brigade Regulations

The Regulations for operating The Boys’ Brigade are set out in this document.

It covers:

  • The Mission Statement
  • The Organisational arrangements
  • Leadership Regulations
  • Ages of child membership
  • Uniform Regulations
  • Capitation Fees
  • Amicus
  • Girls’ Association

The purpose of Brigade Regulations is to provide leaders and Churches with a key point of reference through which they can lead their Company. The Regulations should be read in conjunction with the Safety Handbook, Programme Information, Award Scheme Guidance and the guidance of the sponsoring Church.

Download Brigade Regulations

Memorandum & Articles of Association (Constitution)

This is the legal document that governs the National Organisation and contains a number of clauses that are recommended by the Charity Commission. This document is primarily aimed at governing the National Organisation and the essential work by Companies on a day to day basis is set out in the Regulations detailed above.

Download the Memorandum & Articles of Association

Further advice and guidance

In the event that you require any further advice and guidance regarding the governance arrangements of The Boys’ Brigade, please get in touch with us at support@boys-brigade.org.uk or 0300 303 4454.