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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Recognising Achievement

It is important that participation in the programme is recognised and rewarded and there are a number of ways this can be achieved. It is not intended that the programme must has a formal ‘awards’ time, but that young people gain recognition for their participation in the programme as a whole.  


Core Activity Awards

The core awards for the Anchors age group are the Green, Blue and Red awards, with an optional Yellow award for those working with 4-year olds (i.e. the session in which they attain their 5th birthday). Those starting in the session in which they attain at their 6th birthday (or later) should start working towards the core awards, and therefore the Green award to enable them to achieve the Red award in their 3rd year as a member.

The table below gives information about the award scheme and the number of activities from each of the 6 Activity Areas required for each award. There is no minimum requirement in terms of time for a single activity to be completed, but that members fully participate in the chosen activity.

All the awards involve completing a minimum number of activities in each Activity Area as well as 4 additional ‘Free Choice’ activities from across the Activity Areas encouraging a balanced and varied programme, but also providing some local flexibility. With the ‘Free Choice’ activities children may choose which additional activities they wish to do, perhaps those they enjoy most, or which give them new challenges. Companies may also decide to concentrate on particular activities that reflect the skills of the leaders, equipment available or meeting space.


Membership Award

The Membership Award is to be presented to new members to the age group once they have completed one activity in at least 3 Activity Areas and being introduced/inducted into the age group. Ideas for how members are introduced/ inducted into the age group will be provided through ‘Essentials’ Activity Cards which can be found on the Programme Hub, although the actual requirements for this are for the local Company to decide.


Team Leader

A Team Leader badge is available and can be used within the age group and awarded to a member who is taking responsibility for a team or group. There are no set requirements for how this badge or role is used and it is very much for the local Company to decide.


Other Ways of Recognising Achievement

In addition to awards, children could be presented with a certificate after reaching the midway point for each award or for completing an individual activity. Certificates could also be awarded for other things including taking part in an event, good attendance, being a good friend, helping out etc. Stickers will also be available for this age group and could be awarded for the completion of each award activity. Certificates, stickers and other resources are available from BB Supplies. A progression certificate is also available for when members move up from one section to the next.


Awards in Our Weekly Programme

There should not be a formal awards time in the programme as children complete the awards through participating in the programme, so it is more about identifying which parts of the programme will be recorded under the award scheme. Remember, the work of the section should be programme led, not awards driven.


Assessing Activities

There are no set levels of attainment for the activities within the award scheme, these are gained by a child participating in particular activities; no external controls are to be applied. The level of achievement will vary for each individual according to their ability and age. During a child’s time in the age group their level of skill is likely to vary greatly. The onus is on the leaders to ensure that they are fully participating and developing at an appropriate pace.