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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Train the Trainer Courses

Candidates for the Leader Development Community will receive the same quality experience, regardless of where they attend training. The training will be completed in three parts:

  • Part 1 – a two day input on theoretical and practical training experience. This could be completed either a Saturday/Sunday or 2 Saturdays. (Members of the Leader Development Community who have expressed an interest in specialising in delivery of Safeguarding training will be invited to a Safeguarding delivery session with Debbie Moore, the BB Safeguarding Manager, following the course. Date to be arranged.)
  • Part 2 – to be teamed up with a Mentor in their local area and to work with them in training delivery at first available opportunity. Mentor will assess candidate using set criteria and provide verbal feedback, followed by a short critique, a copy of which would be submitted to Regional HQ
  • Part 3 – Zoom call, within 6-8 months from date of course completion. Participants may contact Mentor at any point prior to this call

Those who have been existing Trainers may not have to complete Part 2 and some may be invited to become Mentors.

Candidates will be expected to attend a Train the Trainer course in their own region to keep travelling to a minimum. 

Upcoming Train the Trainer courses will be run as follows:

England & Wales

  • 15th/16th July 2023 at Felden Lodge, Felden Lane, Hemel Hempstead HP3 0BL

Northern Ireland

  • Dates to be confirmed


  • Dates to be confirmed

There will be a time implication with attending the new training, which the group feel is important as this has to be about providing quality training. 

Confirmation as a Leader Development Trainer will be through participation in a training course, regardless of when they completed BTO, in the case of existing trainers. The revised YLT materials will be launched in conjunction with the Leader Development Training, to provide new materials for delivery from the new role.