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Face to Face Activities

Face to Face Activities

Check out the activities below which have been put together to support leaders in running face-to-face activities.

You can filter activities by Age Group (Anchors, Juniors, Company & Seniors), Activity Area (Get Active, Get Adventurous, Get Creative, Get into the Bible, Get Involved and Get Learning, as well as ‘Themed Programmes’ covering a range of Activity Areas and ‘Essentials’ which provide activities including ice breakers, ideas to help you shape your programme and to welcome/induct new members), Setting (including ‘Outdoors’ and ‘Indoors’) and also Term.

Where activities refer to an activity sheet (or similar) being available to download, these are included at the bottom of the PDF file for that activity. PowerPoint presentations are available as separate links in both PowerPoint and PDF formats.

View/Download our Programme Planners for Summer 2022 – Anchors / Juniors / Company / Seniors
Programme Planners for Spring 2022 – Anchors / Juniors / Company / Seniors

Check out our Spring 2022 Programme Update

Please ensure that you follow the Stronger, Safer, Together Framework in planning for a safe return to face-to-face activities, including completing the local approval process.

Check out our Face-to-Face activities below . . .

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