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Face to Face Activities

Face to Face Activities

Check out the activities below which have been put together to support leaders in running face-to-face activities.

You can filter activities by Age Group (Anchors, Juniors, Company & Seniors), Activity Area (Get Active, Get Adventurous, Get Creative, Get into the Bible, Get Involved and Get Learning, as well as ‘Themed Programmes’ covering a range of Activity Areas and ‘Essentials’ which provide activities including ice breakers, ideas to help you shape your programme and to welcome/induct new members) and also Setting (including ‘Outdoors’ and ‘Indoors’).

View/Download our Programme Planners for Spring 2022 – Anchors / Juniors / Company / Seniors
Autumn 2021 – Anchors / Juniors / Company / Seniors

Please ensure that you follow the Stronger, Safer, Together Framework in planning for a safe return to face-to-face activities. You MUST have completed the local approval process as part of the framework before restarting.

Check out our Face-to-Face activities below . . .

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