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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

This design allows for a local Company to customise specific elements of our latest recruitment resources including leaflets/posters, banners and social media graphics.

You can customise local details including Company Name, BB/GA Logo, Meeting location, Age Ranges, Website address or contact details (telephone/email). BBHQ is offering a customisation service for a limited period, where HQ Staff will edit the designs and send out print ready artwork. 

There are versions of the designs with all age groups and also separate designs for Under 11s (Anchors & Juniors) and Over 11s (Company & Seniors). Also available as Boys only or Boys & Girls featuring Girls’ Association branding.

There is no cost to Companies for this design service.

Ordering Customised Resources
To take up this service please complete the online order form (please note the design number you require as this will be required when completing the order).

Getting Resources Printed
Once you receive your print ready artwork you can find out more about getting these resources printed by clicking here.

The range of options available can be found below:

Leaflets & Posters

Outdoor Vinyl Banners

These banners will help you to increase visibility of BB in your local community, ideal for putting up outside your Church or meeting space. There is a standard version and a customised version of this banner, so you can add your website address or other contact details, amend the age range as well as select BB or BB/GA logo.

Welcome Roller Banners

These banners will help you to provide a warm welcome to new members as well as those returning every week. There is a standard version and a customised version of this banner, so you can add your Company name, select BB or BB/GA logo and customise the website address or other contact details.

Social Media

These social media graphics can be customised to include details of your meeting place and age ranges. Select a design and order your customised artwork through the customisation order form.


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