The National Top Team Challenge is an activity for Company and Seniors, where a large number of Companies across the country take part in the same tasks in their own meeting place.

It’s a great competition and is accessible to all Companies, with no travelling required, minimal equipment needed, on a date convenient to you.

The Top Team Challenge consists of a number of physical and logical challenges, a team of 4 takes part against the clock to complete the mini challenges and results are sent off to BB Headquarters to compete for the title of National Top Team Challenge Winner!

Activities are likely to include:

  • Physical
  • General Knowledge
  • Logic
  • Bible Knowledge
  • World Issues

Principles of the Challenge

  • A Company only needs to have four young people in order to enter a team.
  • Joint Company entries may be accepted where units have a small number in their Company Section and Seniors.
  • Each Company can enter the Challenge without leaving their meeting space.
  • Every Company that enters the Challenge will receive a certificate showing their position in the results table.
  • The Challenge must be judged by an adult who is not a leader in the Company.

Take part in the 2019-2020 Challenge

To order your packs for the 2019-2020 Top Team Challenge please complete the form below.

Packs will be sent out to Companies from November 2019 and all entries must be submitted by 1st April 2020.

Top Team Challenge