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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

The Boys’ Brigade enables children and young people to develop their full potential through a varied range of activities that challenge, inform and inspire. It remains as relevant and popular now as it was when the organisation started 140 years ago.

Why work with The Boys’ Brigade?

A corporate support partnership with The Boys’ Brigade is an ideal way to position your brand positively against a very significant audience. Whether your objectives are raising brand awareness, conducting sampling or looking for PR opportunities, we can help.

If you’re targeting a youth market, we can also provide the ideal testing and market research resource, where the real opinions of children and young people can be accessed quickly and simply.

Our 20,000+ members are consumers of all the products and services you’d expect of an audience of their age and profile.

And if you’re looking further afield, the goodwill in the community accumulated over 140 years towards BB, makes any cause-related marketing activity a very attractive proposition. The Boys’ Brigade is well recognised and supported within local communities across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

In what ways can we work together?

We will be really pleased to discuss how we can work with you; there are many different opportunities, whether it’s advertising through our magazine/website, producing programme activities and resources, providing goods in kind, sponsorship or other mutually beneficial projects.

Guidelines for working with us

As a values-based organisation with a strong reputation, we are careful to work with partners who will enhance our brand and add value to the work we do.

Get in touch

If you are interested in working with us please contact Natalie Whipday, Director for Operations at natalie.whipday@boys-brigade.org.uk or 0300 303 4454.