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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Our Strategic Plan for 2021 – 2025 will focus on achieving achieving Quality, Growth and Voice.

The emphasis within the strategy is firmly on Quality – we believe that if we focus on and improve the quality of our work, then this will lead to growth across the organisation and greater opportunities for the voice of our members to be heard and make a difference.


We will improve the consistency of experience for children and young people within the Brigade. This will include:

  • Defining and managing the quality of experience provided to children and young people
  • Supporting our dedicated leaders through training, resources, staff and also introducing a culture of continuous personal development
  • Updating core training and establishing a new network of trainers
  • Providing high quality programme resources, including the launch of new programmes for the Company and Seniors age groups
  • Improving the current support structure for Companies
  • Reviewing all categories of leadership in order to ensure their relevance and effectiveness


We will stabilise membership numbers over the next five years. This will include:

  • Supporting and resourcing Companies that are ready for growth
  • Relationship and partnership building with Churches at all levels
  • Continuing to work with kindred organisations and the wider youth sector
  • Seeking new partnerships, including with funders, who share our vision, mission and values


We will raise the profile of the Brigade and increase participation and involvement of children and young people in shaping and representing the organisation. This will include:

  • Supporting the development of young leader networks
  • Developing an alumni membership scheme to engage with former members
  • Launching an external facing PR campaign co-designed and delivered by young people

Download our Strategic Plan.