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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

The Queen’s Badge is the highest award that may be gained by a member of The Boys’ Brigade.

Awarded from Year 3 in the Seniors age group, it is the second of two major awards which can be gained in Seniors.

It’s a real opportunity; it aims to challenge and equip the individual, provide new opportunities and expand horizons while remaining accessible to young people of all abilities.

A young person wishing to work towards their Queen’s Badge must first have completed their President’s Badge. The Queen’s Badge offers the chance to engage with the local community, take on responsibility, set personal goals, build self confidence and experience a sense of achievement.

What are the requirements?

In order to achieve the Queen’s Badge a young person must complete the following activities:

  • Hold the President’s Badge
  • Attend a Candidate’s Meeting
  • Participate in Skills-Based training
  • Take responsibility within the BB or Church
  • Provide voluntary service or support to others outside the BB or Church
  • Develop Interests (Skills, Physical, Expedition)
  • Complete ‘Faith Journey’ element
  • Participate in a Completion Residential
  • Record Activity

What is the Queen’s Badge Record Book?

The Queen’s Badge Record Book is essential to get going on working towards the Queen’s Badge. Upon completion of the President’s Badge the Queen’s Badge can be started and a Record Book will be sent out, which will . . .

  • advise on what needs to be done
  • give practical advice and guidance on how to do it
  • help to record what is achieved

What support is available?

There are several people who will play a role in supporting young people working towards their Queen’s Badge. These include a Company Mentor (an individual leader in the Company who is there to support and encourage on a weekly basis), a Queen’s Badge Advisor (someone from the Battalion/District who will help you plan and review your work – these people have a great deal of experience!), and Assessors (these are people responsible for supervising your progress and reporting on achievement in each section of the award).


Resources & Support


The following documents will help Candidates, Mentors and Advisors with the Queen’s Badge:

Queen’s Badge Record Book (PDF – Savable Version)

This PDF version of the Queen’s Badge Record Book can be used to enable candidates to complete their record books electronically and print off pages as required to replace pages in their Record Book. You should use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to ensure full functionality. Those using this version MUST have registered to complete the Queen’s Badge as part of the application for the President’s Badge.

Download Queen’s Badge Record Book (Updated December 2021)

Queen’s Badge Advisor & Mentor Guide (PDF)

Guidance for Queen’s Badge Advisors and Company Mentors on how to support young people working towards their Queen’s Badge.

Download Queen’s Badge Advisor & Mentor Guide

The Queen’s Badge & COVID

We recognise the impact the pandemic has had on the opportunity for young people to start out and complete The Queen’s Badge over the last 18+ months. In response to this we have reviewed the situation and we are introducing some flexibility to enable young people to continue to complete the award.
Details can be found in our Completing the Queen’s Badge guide.

Health & Safety 

Health & Safety Checklist (for External placements)

Applying for the Award

You can apply for the Queen’s Badge online by clicking here.