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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

In October 2020 a Young Leaders Group was formed to help champion the views of young leaders and help develop and improve the support structure for those aged 18-26 starting out on leadership roles with the BB.

In 2022, the group helped launch the new Young Leaders Network. This is a community designed to help young leaders to grow into their role as a leader in The Boys’ Brigade and assist them in discovering opportunities to continue to build skills, share experiences and shape the future of the BB. 

Who are the Young Leaders Group?

The Young Leaders Group is made up young leaders from across the UK with a range of roles and experiences from within the organisation. All the members on the group are passionate about raising the profile of young leaders and increasing the opportunities available to them.

Meet the group

Rachael Knowles
Young Leaders Group Chair

I am part of the Young Leaders Group to provide a platform for young leaders to shape the future of the BB as I believe it is important for all young people to have a voice, as well as the ability, to impact and shape the future path of the organisation.

Thom Hammond
Leader, Yorkshire County Battalion

I am part of the Young Leaders Group because I am passionate about advancing the work of the Brigade across all ages and increasing the participation of young leaders within the organisation.

Sam Templeton
Leader, 1st Largs

I am part of the Young Leaders Group to show other young people the opportunities and experiences available beyond the Queen’s Badge.

Robert Cunningham
Brigade Executive Member

I am part of the Young Leaders Group to show other young people they have a place at all levels of the organisation.

Andrew Taylor
Leader, 1st West Kilbride

I am part of the Young Leaders Group because the Brigade is for young people and therefore should be led by young people, as well as to ensure that as the Brigade continues to develop, young people are retained and allowed to thrive within the organisation.

Lee Bird
England Regional Committee Chair

I am part of the Young Leaders Group to support young leaders lead their organisation.

Joe Harrison
HQ Staff Member

I am part of the Young Leaders Group to help link up the group with the work of the Brigade. Young leaders are well placed to use their experiences to bring positive changes for all.

Vacancy… Could this be you?
Do you share a passion for supporting young leaders and have skills and experiences you could bring to the group? If, so we’d love to hear from you

What do they hope to achieve?

  • To review and assess the effectiveness of the current Young Leaders Networks in operation throughout the Brigade.
  • To identify a strategy for the redesign and implementation of a Young Leaders Network within the Brigade, in line with the Strategic Plan 2021-2025.
  • To act as a voice for the volunteer membership of the Brigade classed as “Young Leaders” and express & champion their views at Executive Level.

Showcasing young leaders

We want to hear from young leaders from across the Brigade and shine a spotlight on the work they are doing.

The aim is to bring a spotlight onto the many young leaders that are currently volunteering their time, and going beyond the leader role, to highlight their journeys and look to encourage others to take on similar roles. We believe that by bringing attention to some of the amazing young leaders that we have would not only encourage other young leaders to get involved, but also look to boost the perceptions of young leaders, what they are capable of, and the skills they can bring to the organisation.

So, if you are a young leader, have any role within the Brigade and want to get involved please complete the below form.

Young Leaders