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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Robert Burns and other Scots poets and songwriters since have been celebrated every year in January, normally with competitions taking place in schools, Burns Suppers, etc. This year we want to try to keep some of this tradition alive, so we’re launching a #BBatHOME Burns Competition for Companies in Scotland. Even if you decide not to enter, why not try bringing some Burns into any virtual sessions your Company is running this month.

How to enter

  1. Child/Young person should choose a poem or song from the list below for their age group – the links for each poem take you to the Scottish Poetry Library where you can get copyright-free access.
  2. They should learn and recite the poem from memory on video, recorded in landscape format (hold the phone on its side). Please wear BB uniform, and any extra small props may also be used.
  3. Parents/Carers should submit the video to us using the online form at the bottom of this page by Monday 8th February 2021.


Categories and spoken word poems

Anchors (P1-P3)
The Sair Finger – Walter Wingate
Street Talk – J.K. Annand
The Bubblyjock – Hugh McDiarmid
Fireworks aff the Castle – Matthew Fitt
The First Hoolit’s Prayer – Ian McFadyen

Juniors (P4-P6)
The Puddock – John Caie
The Boy in the Train – Mary Campbell Smith
Aince Upon a Day – William Soutar
Brekin Rainbows – Janet Paisley
To a Mouse – Robert Burns
The Spider’s Legend of Robert the Bruce – Hugh McMillan

Company Section (P7-S3)
The Whistle by Charles Murray
The Neep-Fields by the Sea by Violet Jacob
OR Any poem of your choice by Robert Burns (under 3 minutes)

Seniors (S4-S6)
Any poem of at least six verses in length by Robert Burns (under 3 minutes)



  • The maximum length of the video should be 3 minutes (Tam O’Shanter is too long!).
  • Poems should not be abridged; you should perform the whole thing. It is better to perform a shorter poem to completion than partially do a longer one.
  • All performances should clearly be from memory; the judges will not accept performances in which it is obvious a poem is being read.
  • Videos should be submitted by a parent/carer via the form below by 8th February. The video file should be no more than 130MB in size for uploading – you may have to adjust the video settings you are using on your phone.



  • Good sound quality is important – make sure the voice is clear on your video and avoid filming somewhere with lots of background noise.
  • Videos should be in landscape format – hold your phone on its side to record. 
  • Providing consent is in place, BB Companies may also wish to share the videos on their social media, using hashtags #BBatHOME #Burns2021


Submit an entry

Scotland #BBatHOME Burns Competition

Maximum file size: 134.22MB