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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

A range of NEW Activity Sheets have been designed, containing a number of age-relevant puzzles, challenges and activities for children and young people to have a go at.

The Activity Sheets could be used as part of the #BBatHOME programme, or included as part of a Activity/Care Pack being sent out to members. As Companies return to face-to-face activities the Activity Sheets could also be used as part of an ‘arrival’ activity at the start of a session.

All of the Activity Sheets are designed to be downloaded and printed on A3 paper in full colour.

The following Activity Sheets are available:

You can download a template letter which you could edit and print out to accompany the Activity Sheets where these are being sent out to members, and you could of course take the care/activity pack further by adding in a treat (chocolate or fun toy) or a craft they can make.

There are a couple of options when it comes to getting the care/activity packs out to your members including using post (Royal Mail) or where possible deliver these by hand. When delivering care/activity packs it is important to follow current local guidelines and follow best practice with regards to hygiene. This includes washing/sanitising hands regularly, reducing the number of people who handle the packs, quarantining items for 72+ hours, socially distanced drop offs / letterbox drops and ensuring each delivery is as quick as possible with reduced contact with the household. Please check with your Church / denomination for any additional guidance before delivering.

For those Companies struggling to print off resources such as these please get in touch with us at support@boys-brigade.org.uk or call 0300 303 4454.