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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Our Building Stronger project is all about continuing to build on the quality of our work and reaching more young people through sustained growth.

What is the Building Stronger project?

We are looking to work with Companies across England, Scotland & Wales, and we would like you to consider if there are one or more areas where you could build stronger. It could be focussing in on your programme, looking at ways to recruit or retain children and young people and leaders, improving the relationship with your Church, and being more visible in your local community.

Our Development and Engagement Team is ready to work with individual groups by providing 1:1 support, helping you to identify goals and set targets, providing access to new resources, training and workshops, as well as other tools and strategies.

Companies getting involved in the project will also benefit from a grant of up to £600.

How is the project funded?

In England & Wales, this opportunity is being made possible through funding the Brigade has been awarded from the Government’s Uniformed Youth Fund, which is aimed at helping more young people access the kind of regular and positive activities that we provide week by week. As well as working with existing groups, this funding will also be supporting us in starting new BB groups during 2024.

In Scotland, Companies that are eligible for CashBack funding will be supported to apply for this funding alongside receiving 1-1 support. Limited additional funding is now available to support those Companies that are not eligible for CashBack funding to enhance their programme and grow their numbers.

What does the project involve?

Whilst we are of course encouraging Companies to look at growth across all age groups, participation in the Building Stronger project requires a Company to be able to increase the capacity and membership of those attending aged 10-18 years.

As part of this Companies would be expected to recruit five or more new members within this age range in the 2023/24 session.

Our Strategic Plan

This project is part of our current five-year Strategic Plan, which is based on improving the quality of experience that is offered – this is key to our long-term future and membership growth. The recent Company Census also highlighted that there can be a number of different challenges facing local groups (as well as opportunities), and we want to provide as much assistance, support and resources to leaders as possible to build a stronger BB.

How can my Company get involved?

To express your interest please complete our online form.

The closing date for the current phase of expressions of interest is 31st March 2024.

Check out some Frequently Asked Questions below . . .

What is being offered if we sign up?

By signing up to the Building Stronger project and committing to recruit five or more members aged 10-18 during the 2023/24 session, Companies will receive:

  • 1:1 support from a member of our Development and Engagement Team
  • Leader training opportunities, including on developing your programme
  • Access to resources, including a communications pack to help raise your profile locally
  • A grant of up to £600 to support membership growth

How can we use the Building Stronger grant?

The grant could be used to support anything related to improving your programme, enhancing the experiences of children and young people, supporting costs for the purchase of uniform, membership fees etc.

What happens after we express our interest?

We’ll let you know shortly afterwards what the next steps will be for your Company. Depending on the number of applications we will look at running different phases of support. If successful you will need to attend a virtual briefing meeting and complete a simple Action Plan.

What are the reporting requirements?

Companies that successfully apply will need to complete a simple Action Plan and Funding Agreement. There will also be a monthly check in with your Development and Engagement Worker to monitor progress, provide ongoing support and identify any challenges.

We are also encouraging all Companies to carry out a Company Health Check to identify their needs for growth.

Get in contact

If you have any questions about the Building Stronger project please contact our Development and Engagement Team on development@boys-brigade.org.uk or 0300 303 4454.