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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

We provide a range of mandatory and optional training opportunities to equip and support leaders in working with children and young people.

E-Learning Modules

As of 1st January 2022, all new volunteers are required to complete two e-learning modules as part of our registration process, covering Safeguarding and Managing Risk. Existing leaders are also required to complete the these modules. The e-learning modules can be completed though Online Brigade Manager (OBM).

Youth Leader Training (YLT)

Our mandatory training for anyone wishing to take a lead role within a BB Company is known as Youth Leadership Training (YLT). It is also for any other leaders who wish to extend their skills and knowledge in working with children and young people.

YLT consists of six required modules (with options for working with Under 11’s and Over 11’s);

  • Introduction to BB Module
    • Vision, mission and values
    • 4 Core Values of Youth Work
    • Knowledge, skills and attitudes- competency
    • Themes of Youth Leader Training
  • Working with Over 11’s Module
    • Building relationships
    • Qualities of a leader
    • Empowerment and Participation
    • The Empowerment Ladder
  • Working with Under 11’s Module
    • Building relationships
    • Effective Welcomes
    • Helping children relate positively to one another
    • Framework for delivery
  • Safeguarding Module
    • Guiding principles of Safeguarding
    • Harm and abuse
    • Scenarios
    • 4 R’s – Recognise, Respond to, Report and Record
    • Recognising and understanding Boundaries
  • Managing Risk Module
    • Practical guide to risk assessments
    • Risk benefit and analysis
  • Programme Planning & Delivery Module
    • Programme recourses and awards
    • Programme planning
    • Practical experience
  • Sharing Faith Module
    • Spirituality, Faith and Religion
    • Communicating Christian Faith
    • Answering difficult questions
    • Working partnership with the local church
  • Equal Opportunities Module
    • How accessible is the BB
    • Protected characteristics
    • Equalities Act 2010

Company Management Training

Company Management Training (formerly Captain’s Training) is mandatory for anyone taking on a management role within the BB. The training consists of an in depth look into the role and responsibilities of the Captain or Leader-in-Charge, building and maintaining relationships, safeguarding and safe recruitment, including Leaders Code of Conduct and tools and resources to support the role.

Training for Residentials

The following training is mandatory for leaders taking responsibility for residentials, canvas camps and/or expeditions.

  • Holiday Leadership Certificate
    Training is mandatory for any leader taking a lead role for a camp or holiday Certificates are valid for five years. The course covers:
    • Preparing for a Camp/Holiday
    • Safety and Risk Management
    • Food hygiene
    • Building good relationships
  • Camp Craft Certificate
    Training is mandatory for any leader taking responsibility for a canvas camp. Certificates are valid for five years. The course covers:
    • Setting up standing camps
    • Cooking equipment and accommodation
    • Sanitation and safety
    • Practical campcraft experience
  • Expedition & Outdoor Leadership Certificates
    The Certificate is a requirement for those training or supervising expeditions. The certificate is valid for five years.

These certificates are kept live by providing a record of residentials and camps every five years and will in the future also require completion of an e-learning module.

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