The Juniors International Team Games is an annual event for the Juniors age group and open to sections throughout the world. It is an easy to play competition that your Company can take part in.

The competition is based on:

  • No travelling
  • Minimal equipment
  • Team of 6 Juniors
  • Consists of 6 Team Games
  • Attracts entries from around the BB world
  • YOU select when/where to hold the event
  • Local judges invited by you

Take part in the 2019-2020 Games

Your Company could be part of this great competition this session – check out the Games for 2019-2020.

Simply complete in your own meeting place and submit your results by 1st April 2020.

Scores must be submitted using the online form below. Please do not post or email the score sheet – only scores submitted using the online form will be accepted.

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Juniors International Team Games 2019-2020

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Multiple entries should be marked A, B or C etc. (e.g. 1st Anytown B)


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