We recognise that this will be a difficult period of time for children and young people, with them being restricted in their activities, not attending school or having opportunities to take part in other clubs and after school activities. We hope that #BBatHOME will help provide a varied and balanced programme of activities for children and young people to have a go at during the challenging weeks ahead.

We will be providing a wide range of activities through weekly/bi-weekly activity packs including 6 activities for each of our 3 age groups, each week during the period that the outbreak means that BB groups cannot meet face-to-face.

We would encourage all parents/carers to read the guidance we have put together, which provides more detail about what the #BBatHOME programme offers and will provide you with ideas about how you deliver the programme to members through their parents/carers.

Summer Adventures

We’ve put together a list of 20 activities for children and young people to have a go at over the summer.

The Summer Adventures resource is available for both the Under 11’s (Anchors & Juniors) and Over 11’s (Company/Seniors) age groups.

Find out more and download the Summer Adventures resource.

Get into the Activities

There will be a number of elements to the #BBatHOME programme including:

Next Steps


Download the Weekly Activity Pack that’s suitable for you


Encourage and support your child/young person to try out as many activities as possible during the week


If possible share engagement through posting a photos/video online using #BBatHOME


Come back every Friday to download the next Weekly Activity Pack and find out what else is on offer

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