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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

The Boys’ Brigade is responsible for ensuring that adequate insurance cover is in place for all activities and events that are run in the name of the organisation, that are organised and supervised by BB registered leaders.

Insurance Cover Provided

As part of membership of the organisation (via payment of annual subscription fees), through Unity Insurance Services, The Boys’ Brigade provides essential insurance cover to protect children & young people, leaders and others attending events (eg: fundraising activities) organised by registered leaders.

There are two kinds of insurance which are arranged centrally and provided as part of the annual membership fees:

  • Public Liability
  • Personal Accident

BB Companies do not need to take out separate insurance for Public Liability or Personal Accident.      

Insurance Policy Requirements

As outlined in the e-learning Managing Risk Module and Youth Leader Training, all activities and events are subject to a risk assessment being carried out and recorded. Please see boys-brigade.org.uk/managing-risk for further information and template risk assessment forms.

If a child, young person, leader or anyone else sustains an injury whilst participating in a BB organised activity or event, the accident must be recorded in the Company/Church accident book with details of the injury, how it was sustained, and any first aid treatment given.

If the person requires professional medical attention (visit to GP, A&E, Minor Injuries Unit etc) either at the time of the accident or at any time as a result of the accident, then an Accident Notification Form MUST be completed and sent to BBHQ. This is important as BBHQ has a duty to report these accidents to the Brigade Insurers. 

The Company Captain MUST also inform BBHQ if at any time they are made aware that a claim is likely to be made.     

Waivers & Disclaimers
In no circumstances should BB Leaders, Parents/Carers or Young People sign any waivers or disclaimers requested by a third party provider, where it absolves the third party of liability should an accident occur regardless of the circumstances. If in any doubt please contact Unity Insurance Services for advice.      

Additional Insurance Cover

Although The Boys’ Brigade provides Public Liability and Personal Accident Cover as part of membership of the organisation, local Companies, Battalions and Districts need to ensure that adequate insurance cover is in place, and may need to arrange cover in respect of the following:

  • Equipment & Contents, including the risk of loss or damage whilst in transit or at camp or on expeditions
  • Minibus
  • Short Term Equipment / Canvas Hire
  • Marine and Boating
  • Travel & Medical Cover (for all overseas visits/residentials)
  • Buildings Insurance (if property owner)
  • Trustee Liability (If registered as a charity)
  • Employers Liability (If employing staff)     

For more information, please contact Unity Insurance Services.

Unity Insurance Services

Unity is the official insurance broker of The Boys’ Brigade. Unity Insurance Services is a trading name of Scout Insurance Services Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Scout Association. Unity Insurance Services is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN 312976.

Please contact Unity Insurance Services for advice with any of the following:

  • General insurance advice when planning activities
  • Signing waivers and disclaimers requested by third parties
  • Further information about the Public Liability & Personal Accident provided as part of membership
  • Information and advice regarding taking out additional policies (see above list)

Contact Unity Insurance Services

Email: Fiona.Fraser@unityins.co.uk

Phone: 0345 040 7723

For any advice regarding Boys’ Brigade Policies and procedures please contact BBHQ. by email at support@boys-brigade.org.uk or by phone on 0300 303 4454.