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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Our brand is important. We want to share something of what it means to have a brand and how we will go about using this through all that we do.

Branding Guidelines

Branding Guidelines have been produced to demonstrate brand application locally. You can view/download our Branding Guidelines (PDF file)

Our Sub-Branding Guidelines (PDF file) also demonstrate application of our age groups brands and programme.

Style Guidelines

Our Style Guidelines are designed to help us communicate as one organisation, with a single, recognisable and consistent voice.

Logos & Fonts Pack

All logos and fonts can be downloaded as a single compressed zip file. The pack of logos includes The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association logos.

Use of the logos is restricted and you should refer to the Intellectual Property Notice in terms of how to use our registered marks.

Digital Assets

You can also find a range of digital assets including photos, cartoons and video that can be used alongside the brand.

Click here to access (via Dropbox folder)

Questions about ‘Our Brand’

If you have any questions in the first instance please refer to the Branding Guidelines, alternatively call us on 0300 303 4454 or support@boys-brigade.org.uk