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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

During the 2021/22 session we hope that leaders, parents/carers, young people, supporters, partner organisations – anyone who knows and understands what we do and the value of it – will give their visual support and endorsement of the BB via social media, and challenge others to be #OpenToBB.

How it works

  • We are asking you to share our image (BB or BB/GA version) on your own social media pages – either just the image, or preferably a picture of you with the image (printed or displayed on another device/screen).  
  • Along with the image/picture we are suggesting you complete this sentence as the post to accompany the image – “I’m #OpenToBB because…” (for example, if you are a leader it might be something like “I’m #OpenToBB because as a leader in [village/town/city] I’ve seen for myself the difference we make to young people’s lives over the last [x] years”).
  • Please use the following hashtags in your posts: #BoysBrigade #OpenToBB #LifeToTheFull
  • It would be great to see as many leaders getting involved in this, but why not also ask some of your members, parents/carers, Chaplain, friends and supporters within your local community to also get involved and show their support as well.

Download the Social Media Action images


“I’m #OpenToBB because I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential and love being a part of an organisation whose vision is that children and young people experience life to the full.” – Beth

“I’m #OpenToBB because It’s great fun for volunteers and is a great opportunity for children and young people to develop life skills.” – Stephen

#OpenToBB Facebook Profile Frame

Why not also show your support for BB by adding our #OpenToBB Facebook profile frame to your profile image? Find out more about how you can do this here.

Find out more…

Find out more about our Open To… Campaign at boys-brigade.org.uk/open-to