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Recruitment: Open To... Campaign

Open the doors…

Our work supporting children and young people to live life to the full has never been more important, or more needed than it is today.

The BB opens the door to new skills, experiences, learning and personal discovery.

After an incredibly challenging 18 months, our focus for the 2021/22 session must be on bringing members back to their Companies and upon welcoming new members.

This session presents us with a unique moment to shout about what we offer to children and young people – opportunities for personal growth, social interaction and fun, which have taken on even greater relevance, significance and value in our world today.

To support this engagement and outreach into local communities across the country, we have developed resources and materials as part of our Open To… Campaign.

Open To Challenge

The Open To Challenge is focussed on building towards an Open Night in your Company – an opportunity to showcase what you do and what is on offer to new members. Find out more at boys-brigade.org.uk/open-to-challenge


Customisable recruitment materials

We are offering Companies the opportunity to request customised recruitment artwork for digital/online and print. This service will provide Companies with a number of options to customise an outdoor banner, welcome roller banner, poster and social media graphic. Find out more at boys-brigade.org.uk/open-to-recruitment-resources

Materials to support visibility

Open Night Taster Programme

This Taster Programme will provide a structured programme which could be used for the Open Night. Click on the links below which will provide detailed programme outlines for each week:


These links will take you to Vimeo, where the videos can be downloaded for use locally to help promote the BB in your area.

#OpenToBB Social Media Action

During the 2021/22 session we hope that leaders, parents/carers, young people, supporters, partner organisations – anyone who knows and understands what we do and the value of it – will give their visual support and endorsement of the BB via social media, and challenge others to be #OpenToBB.

Find out more about how you can get involved at boys-brigade.org.uk/open-to-social-media-action

Leaders’ Webinars

Find out more about the webinars that will be held as part of our support to leaders at boys-brigade.org.uk/leaders-workshops

5 things we’re asking Battalions

  1. Support/multiply the key messages and help promote resources we’re producing, including the webinars.
  2. Could your Battalion purchase the customised resources (vinyl banner and/or leaflets/posters) for each of your Companies?
  3. Support Companies coming together to work collaboratively in your area – we can achieve more together. Perhaps organising a Battalion-wide open event/afternoon?
  4. Help share ideas between Companies in your area, throughout the session, but particularly in first few months. Pastoral support and encouragement for leaders who for different reasons may find the start of the season challenging.
  5. Promote that BB is restarting in your area.

Get in touch

Remember if you need help or have any questions at any time contact our Development Team at support@boys-brigade.org.uk or 0300 303 4454