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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Is your Company ready to grow?

Each BB Company has their own story with their own challenges and opportunities. For some Companies the main focus for the new session may be on welcoming their existing members back and building a programme again, for other Companies the session may be a big opportunity to grow their membership.


To help you reflect on the priorities for your Company please read through the following questions and think honestly about where your Company is at the moment, and where you want to be in 12 months time.

1. How would you describe the numbers of children and young people in your Company over the last 3 years?
a) Growing
b) Stable
c) Struggling

2. Given the number of leaders you have, how would you describe your potential for growth?
a) Lots of potential
b) Some room for new members
c) We’d need to introduce a waiting list

3) Do you have space and physical resources to grow your numbers?
a) We have plenty of space
b) Some space
c) Not a lot of room

4) What happens when new children or young people join your Company?
a) Most stay and come most weeks
b) Some of them stay or come every now and then
c) We struggle to keep the ones we already have!

5) Do you regularly talk to children and young people about what they think of the Company and get their ideas for your programme?
a) Our Company fully involves young people in developing our programme and activities
b) We do ask for ideas about what we do
c) No, our Company is entirely adult led

6) How often do existing members bring friends along to the Company?
a) Regularly
b) Now and then
c) Never

Which letter did you answer most often?

a) Keep doing what you are doing.
Next Step: Focus on growing your members – check out our Open To Challenge.

b) Lots of good things happening, but are you open to making some changes to your Company to grow your programme and your membership?
Next Step: Focus on growing your members – check out our Open To Challenge. Have you been able to use the resources in our Programme Hub?

c) It may feel like there are too many challenges, but take one step at a time. If you have got young people coming along and enough leaders to run activities then build from there.
Next Step: Focus on growing your programme, getting young people’s ideas for activities you are going to run. Have you seen our Raise the Bar Challenge?

Remember – if you need help from our Development Team contact support@boys-brigade.org.uk