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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

The Activity Areas

The Company Programme has 6 Activity Areas and these same Activity Areas are also used across all our other age groups, providing consistency for children and young people as they move through the organisation, as well as making it easier for those leaders that volunteer in more than one age group.

The Activity Areas are:

  • Get Active
  • Get Adventurous
  • Get Creative
  • Get into the Bible
  • Get Involved
  • Get Learning

Each Activity Area sets out clear aims and there are examples of which activities fit into each area. There are a number of Themes within each Activity Area to help identify specific types of activities, recognising the need to offer a balance of activities within any particular Activity Area. The Themes are only to assist with programme planning and are not linked to recognising achievement (awards).

See the table below to see how the Activity Areas, Themes and Activities all fit together.



An activity within the programme is anything which directly links to one of the 6 Activity Areas. Activities can be for any period of time; some may only be 10 minutes whilst other activities may last 60 minutes (generally a single activity should be a maximum of 60 minutes). All of the resources provided by the Brigade are there to provide leaders with support in planning their programme and are not a syllabus which has to be followed. Leaders are encouraged to source additional activities from other sources and link these back to Activity Areas within the programme.


The Activity Areas

The ‘Activity Areas’ and are set out as follows;


Activity examples

Get Active:

  • Team Games
  • Football
  • Fitness
  • Mental Wellbeing

Get into the Bible:

  • Worship Music
  • My Faith Journey
  • Leading a Service
  • Discussion Questions

Get Creative:

  • Chicken Curry
  • Pyramid Catapult
  • Video Editing
  • T-Shirt Printing

Get Learning:

  • Emoji Quiz
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Money Skills
  • Escape Room

Get Adventurous:

  • Survival Skills
  • Geocaching
  • Navigation
  • Archery

Get Involved:

  • Human Rights
  • Fairtrade
  • Meet Your MP
  • Upcycling