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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Programme Hub

Guidance for Leaders

Each term (Spring, Summer and Autumn) we provide a range of new programme activities for all age groups.

Find out more below about the resources and support available. . .

Latest Programme Resources

All the latest resources can be found on the Programme Hub or are available through Online Brigade Manager (OBM). To access in OBM go to a youth section (i.e. Anchors, Juniors, Company, Seniors) and go to ‘Programme’ and ‘Activities’. You can search based on activity titles, activity areas and keywords using the ‘tag search’.

Information & Awards

You can find out more about planning and delivering a quality programme for each age group:

Termly Programme Planners

Check out the Programme Planners:

4-Week Taster Programmes

Our taster programme is designed to provide a fully resourced and structured programme over the course of a 4-week period, helping to provide you with everything you need to run an engaging, balanced and successful programme of activities for children and young people. The programme contains a mix of new and existing activities for all age groups along with ready-to-use PowerPoint slides, videos and guidance for leaders.

Any Questions?

Get in touch with us at programme@boys-brigade.org.uk or call 0300 303 4454.