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Other Awards

Team Leader Award (Anchors/Juniors)

A Team Leader badge is available and can be used within the Anchors and Juniors age groups. Typically this will be awarded to a member who is taking responsibility for a team or group. There are no set requirements for how this badge or role is used and it is very much for the local Company to decide.


The NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) system can be used to recognise those young people that are taking on specific roles and increasing their responsibility within the age group. It can be an opportunity to develop young leaders who can support leaders in planning and leading the programme. NCO’s might take responsibility for a Team or Squad within the age group. When selecting young people for promotion you should not only consider how long they have been in the Company and what they have done, but also their potential for the future.

Brigade regulations state the ages at which young people can be promoted as:

  • Lance Corporal – Year 10 (England), Secondary 3 (Scotland), Year 11 (NI), Year 10 (Wales), 3rd Year (ROI).
  • Corporal – Year 11 (England), Secondary 4 (Scotland), Year 12 (NI), Year 11 (Wales), 4th Year (ROI).
  • Sergeant – Year 12 (England), Secondary 5 (Scotland), Year 13 (NI), Year 12 (Wales), 5th Year (ROI).

NCO Chevrons (badges) can be purchased from BB Supplies and appointment certificates can be downloaded below:

Progression Awards

This is to recognise when a child/young person reaches the end of the time in an age group, and will be moving on to the next age group.

Certificates can be purchased from BB Supplies and certificates can also be downloaded:

Certificates and Award Charts

There are both BB and BB/GA versions of the resources available, which can be downloaded and printed locally.

Other Ways of Recognising Achievement

In addition to awards, children could be presented with a certificate after reaching the midway point for each award or for completing an individual activity. Certificates could also be awarded for other things including taking part in an event, good attendance, being a good friend, helping out etc. Stickers will also be available for this age group and could be awarded for the completion of each award activity. Certificates, stickers and other resources are available from BB Supplies. A progression certificate is also available for when members move up from one section to the next.