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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

The online process for notifying camps, holidays and expeditions should be completed through Online Brigade Manager (OBM).

Go to obm.boys-brigade.org.uk to login.

Find out more about the requirements for notification and how to complete the notification through OBM below…

Important – need to know!

  • All camps, holidays and expeditions must be notified to BB Headquarters at least 14 days in advance.
  • The leader leading the holiday MUST hold a valid and current Holiday Leadership Certificate.
  • A leader MUST hold a valid and current Camp Craft Certificate if it is a canvas camp.
  • It is a requirement that all expeditions are supervised by a leader who holds a valid and current Expedition & Outdoor Leadership Certificate at the appropriate level.
  • ALL overseas visits MUST be notified to BB Headquarters at least three months before the date of visit.

How to complete notification through Online Brigade Manager (OBM)

Online Brigade Manager offers the platform for making the notification to BB Headquarters. Using the functionality in the appropriate youth sections, just go to the > Programme > Events area to set up the Camp, Holiday or Expedition.

OBM requests all the same pieces of information that have been included on the previous online notification, in which includes:

  • Location details and dates
  • Type of holiday, camp or expedition
  • Which sections it involves (including joint or Battalion/District events)
  • Numbers of young people and leaders attending
  • Details of those holding the relevant qualifications

When all the mandatory details have been entered, the ‘Approvals’ section will need completing. This requires tick box confirmation that all details are correct, and all requirements have been met for the holiday, camp or expedition to take place. This can then be submitted for approval to BB Headquarters.

Providing that all details have been entered meeting the requirements set by The Boys’ Brigade then the event will be automatically approved on OBM. Should there be any queries, then a member of BB Headquarters may make contact about the event.

Download a Step by Step guide to completing the Notification on OBM.

Maximising the use of OBM

The event functionality on OBM provides the ability to use the event created for more than just the notification required to be submitted to BB Headquarters. The mandatory details that need to be entered for the notification to be submitted will have the wording ‘Required’ next to it. Everything else is entirely optional, although the functionality offered through OBM will assist in communicating with parents/carers, tracking attendance, collecting payments and so much more. We really do recommend you taking a look at how this functionality could support your Company.

Need help, Get in touch

If you need help completing the notification or have any other OBM queries, including using further functionality, contact the Support Team at BB Headquarters at support@boys-brigade.org.uk or call 0300 303 4454.