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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Potential Routes into the Leader Development Community

  • Personal expression of interest.
  • Nomination from Company, Battalion or District/Area Group (see note 1).
  • Nomination from current BTOs, trainers or leaders delivering training/acting as staff on courses or from a member of the new Leader Development Community.
  • Nomination from HQ staff.
  • Nomination from a partner church, or organisation (e.g. for specialist areas such as safeguarding) or from personal/professional contacts.
  • Progression of leaders currently acting as staff on courses who are not yet Leader Development Trainers.

Note 1. The term Area Group has been used because Districts do not exist in Scotland. There are groups of Battalions who come together to provide training.

The Leader Development Group is aware of areas within the regions with no trainers at present and it would be helpful for Battalions/Areas/Headquarters to identify new potential Trainers, who could address the balance.