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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

This year, thousands of children and young people will be missing out on the opportunity of going on a BB camp, residential weekend or night away. Help to fill that gap by running a #BBatHOME Camp instead. Giving members the opportunity to still take on challenges, have fun, make memories and strengthen their relationships at BB.


What is #BBatHOME Camp?  

We have produced a pack of 12 activities ideal for re-creating a camp at home. These activities have been designed for Junior, Company & Senior age groups. BB groups are encouraged to use some of these activities, alongside ideas of their own, to build a two day #BBatHOME camp programme.  

 The activity cards have been produced in the same format as #BBatHOME, meaning members and parents/carers will be familiar with the format and confident in running the activities.  The #BBatHOME Camp has been designed to be run over 2 days, potentially when your group would have been at camp or on a residential. However, this format could also be used as part of your group’s relaunch in September, or even as part of the Autumn 2020 programme, where you may have normally offered a sleepover. 


Running a #BBatHOME Camp

Read our Leaders Guidance for all you need to know about running a #BBatHOME Camp for your group this summer.

Check out our Sample Programme for a #BBatHOME Camp.

See below for downloadable editable templates to create your own leaflet/poster, programme and more.



Download the #BBatHOME Camp Activity Cards below:



Other resources are available as follows: