Introduction for leaders

Introduction for leaders

We’re excited to launch #BBatHOME a new programme concept to enable us to continue to engage our members with opportunities to learn, grow and discover through a balanced programme of activities in their own homes supported by their parents/carers.

Introduction to BB at home

Through this alternative programme we believe we will see…

  • opportunities for all our members to engage in a fun and exciting programme of activities.
  • children and young people getting into the Bible and having the opportunity to come to know Jesus for themselves.
  • leaders continuing to engage with the BB family and build on the well-established relationships with children and young people and their parents/carers.
  • The Boys’ Brigade sharing a positive message of hope by showing how we care for and support our members and their families.
  • opportunities for children and young people to be recognised for their participation and achievements.
  • engagement by non-members, recognising that this will be a difficult time for children and young people who are restricted in their activities.


We would encourage all leaders to read the Leaders Guidance, which provides more detail about what the #BBatHOME programme offers and will provide you with ideas about how you deliver the programme to members through their parents/carers.

Virtual Sessions

To support our #BBatHOME programme, we have been looking at ways for our leaders and young people to stay safely connected through ‘Virtual Sessions’ during this period. As such we now have some guidance for leaders on how to set up and host interactive virtual sessions with children and young people, in line with what is happening with schools and other youth organisations.

Check out the guidance along with programme ideas and other support on our dedicated Virtual Sessions page.

Recognising Achievement

It’s important that we recognise the participation and achievements of our children and young people as they get involved with #BBatHOME. In the first instance we want to encourage leaders to build this into awards children and young people are already working towards (where they are already a BB member) through the core programmes for age groups. But we also want to encourage leaders to consider additional ways they could recognise achievement.

Click here to find out more about recognising achievement including find out what Companies are already doing.

OBM – Launching ‘Programmes & Badges at Home’

We are pleased to announce the launch of two new areas of functionality to help support BB activities continue virtually through the Parent Portal on Online Brigade Manager.

Programmes at Home – Enabling you to upload activities and create a programme for children and young people through the Parent Portal, which parents/carers can access and can share photos/videos of their child(ren) participating in the activities. This new functionality is a great way of sharing the #BBatHOME programme with parents/carers, and you can now find #BBatHOME activities on OBM so you can easily add them into your programme each week. Find out more by watching the tutorial video at

Badges at Home – Enables leaders to link activities to badges and awards, with parents/carers able to upload videos and photos of their child(ren) completing badge requirements at home. They can tick off the activities they have completed and receive recognition through OBM. Find out more by watching the tutorial video at

Log in to OBM and check out this new functionality now and see how it can help support you in keeping in touch with members during this period.

Getting into #BBatHOME Programme

There will be a number of elements to the #BBatHOME programme including:

Next Steps


Read the Leaders Guidance


Hold a meeting with leaders in your Company (by phone/video call)


Decide how you will deliver #BBatHOME programme


Get the programme out to members through their parents/carers


Encourage engagement and share photos /video online using #BBatHOME


Let us know how your get on

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