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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary



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Ultimate Challenge Plus

Wednesday 25th October 2017

Ultimate Challenge Plus is a UK & RoI-wide mental and physical competition for senior aged young people in The Boys’ Brigade. Participants will compete with others from around UK/RoI without having to leave their hall, and there’s no need to use special, or expensive, equipment.

shuttle-runAll of the challenges have been designed so they can be completed either indoors or outdoors, with minimal equipment, and a hall which is large enough to run in. With the competition being on an individual basis, it means you can participate, even as the only Senior in your company. If you are only Senior though, why not join with another local company and take part together, or use it as part of a Seniors’ events?


2016-2017 results

100 seniors took part from right across the Brigade. The final placings are:

1st Place; 40 points: Andrew Allan, 1st Carrickfergus
2nd Place; 38 points: Daniel Crothers, 1st Carrickfergus
3rd Place; 35 points: Gary Lindsay, 1st Carrickfergus




  1. Sandra trout says:

    Sounds great looking forward to hearing more