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Getting ready to launch Online Brigade Manager!!!

Thursday 3rd March 2016

Great news! Online Brigade Manager goes “live” in May 2016.

OBM will provide a range of functionality to assist local Companies in administration and communication, as well as replacing our current headquarters database.

OBM will deliver quick and easy record keeping, including data of young people, an attendance register, badge records and programme activities, as well as camp/holiday/event management.

We will be holding a number of launch events across the Brigade to provide leaders with a detailed overview of the system and how it can be effectively used at Company/Battalion/District level to streamline administration.

This is an exciting development for us – come along and find out about OBM and how it can support you in your role.

Register now to attend an event near you:

If you have any questions please contact Alex Schwerzmann on 01442 231 681 or alex.schwerzmann@boys-brigade.org.uk.




  1. Chris Allen says:

    Please register me for the Glasgow event