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Toolbox: Facebook Leaders Group

Thursday 14th October 2021

We love being able to share ideas with you along with you sharing with each other, which is why we have a BB Leaders Group on Facebook. This is a place where you can share your news, ideas, resources and opportunities with each other, and includes regular contributions from BB Headquarters.

If you want to become a member scan the QR code at the bottom of this article or find us at The Boys’ Brigade Leaders and answer a few questions to have your membership approved. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of our Leaders Group.

  • Check if post notifications are on: If you are on mobile/tablet this can be done by clicking the three dots in the top right-hand corner and going to ‘Notifications’. On desktop click the bell icon on the right-hand side (near the group title).
  • Before posting a question use the magnifying glass to search the group to see if it has already been answered, this will allow you to get a quicker response.
  • Post positively and engage with each other: We all work hard, let’s celebrate our achievements.
  • Use hashtags to create topics: For example ‘#BBAdventure’ – these hashtags are used to filter all posts with the hashtag into a topic, making related posts easier to find.
  • Share your Company/Battalion/District’s work, so we can share some highlights on our public pages and in the Gazette, recognising your accomplishments.

Please remember that our Leaders Group is open to current BB leaders in the UK & RoI only.

Scan to join our Leaders Group


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