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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Brigade Council is the governing body of The Boys’ Brigade in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland. The Council meeting takes place as part of the Brigade Conference event.

Brigade Conference 2023

Brigade Conference 2023 took place on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September in Glasgow.

Check out summaries of the Extraordinary General Meeting and Annual General Meeting.

You can also find the supporting documents for both the EGM and AGM below.

EGM Documents

AGM Documents

Previous Council Meetings

Reports from previous Brigade Council Meetings can be found below:

Council 2023 – EGM Summary / AGM Summary – Glasgow, Scotland
Council 2022 – Summary and Draft Minutes – Virtual Event
Council 2021 – Minutes – Virtual Event
Council 2020 – Minutes – Virtual Event
Council 2019 – Summary and Minutes – Swansea, Wales
Council 2018 – Summary and Minutes – Edinburgh, Scotland
Council 2017 – Summary and Minutes – Salford, England

Voting at Brigade Council

For more details on how voting at Brigade Council works, see the Brigade Constitution & Regulations and look out for details of motions to Brigade Council in the Gazette and e-BB News emails.