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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

The Lost Star

We’re excited to launch our new Christmas resource ‘The Lost Star’, aimed at helping Anchors & Juniors to explore the story of Christmas in a slightly different way.

The Lost Star’ is a fresh look at the Nativity story, but not as we know it. The Christmas star has gone missing and it’s causing a bit of chaos throughout the story. With the star popping up at different points throughout the Nativity and trying to take over other character’s jobs, will he manage to find his important role in time, or will he end up ruining the story all together?!

You can view the story of The Lost Star in our narrated video below.

As well as producing our Christmas video, we have also put together a range of other resources to help children to explore the story of ‘The Lost Star’ and the important role the Star of Bethlehem played further. These include:

We’ve also provided the Nativity script and instructions for ‘The Lost Star’, to allow groups to put on their own version of the Lost Star as a nativity performance. This could then be performed to parents at a BB session, within a church/carol service or just for fun as part of an activity.

All these activities can be found within these two activity cards:

The Lost Star Themed Programme (Anchors)

Get into the Bible: The Lost Star (Juniors)


If you’re using the ‘Lost Star’ resources, then it would be great to see what you’re getting up to. Share your photos and videos on social media using the hashtags #BBAdventure #TheLostStar and #BoysBrigade