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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Remembering HM The Queen

We’ve produced four activity cards that groups can use to help children and young people to reflect and process the passing of HM The Queen.

The passing of HM The Queen is a major moment in the life of our country and has left the nation in a period of reflection. This moment has will be remembered by people of all ages for the rest of their lives and therefore it is important that we provide activities that give our members an opportunity to talk about how they are feeling, give thanks for the life of the Queen, and pray for the Royal Family and our country.

It is hoped that these resources will equip leaders to mark the passing of the Queen in a meaningful and respectful way, giving opportunity to pause, remember, commemorate and give thanks.

For more information about how The Boys’ Brigade is remembering The Queen, including an opportunity to sign our book of condolence, head to boys-brigade.org.uk/hm-the-queen/

Activity Cards

Get Creative: Thank You Ma’am

Bring your Company together to reflect and give thanks for the significant contribution HM Queen Elizabeth II gave to our country, the Commonwealth and beyond, by creating a collage of messages, pictures, drawings and more. Afterwards, add a photo of this activity to our online book of condolence.

Get Learning: The Queen & Her Life

The Queen’s life was long and remarkable and she was admired by people around the world. Spend some time looking at the life of the Queen, what she achieved and major milestones in her life.

Get into the Bible: Coming Together in Prayer

The Queen had a strong Christian faith and as such believed in the difference that prayer can make. Reflect on the life of the Queen and give thanks to God in prayer.

Get Involved: Her Words of Wisdom

During her 70 years on the throne, the Queen gave many speeches and broadcasts to the nation that were filled with guidance and encouragement to her people. Explore her many words of wisdom and consider how we can continue her legacy, by living our lives using that wisdom.

Supporting Children & Young People

Children and young people will be impacted by the death of the Queen in different ways, so it is therefore important for leaders to adapt activities to best suit their members. Remember to keep an activity accessible and inclusive.

There are a range of resources to help with these discussions and to provide further support on dealing with grief and discussing difficult subjects.

Check out these resources at: