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Need for team-based approach to increasing physical activity

Tuesday 30th May 2017

The Boys’ Brigade has hosted a Scottish Parliamentary Exhibition (22-28 May) in a bid to challenge politicians to support the need for more children and young people to participate in regular physical activity.

A recent UK government survey indicated just one third of five-15 year olds engage in competitive sporting activity outside of school. The results also revealed that 20% of 10-11 year old are obese which after reading, inspiring the BB to take action.

Taking this increasing issue of childhood obesity, low activity levels and this recent survey into account, the BB used the exhibition to engage and inform politicians from across the political spectrum in Scotland.

_20170524_143841The BB is also encouraging people to raise awareness and showcase how they are currently participating in sporting activity through Twitter using the #TeamPlayerScot. It is hoped this will encourage a more joined-up approach – bringing together sporting bodies, schools and youth work to help increase activity levels.

John Sharp, Director of The Boys’ Brigade in Scotland, attended the exhibition throughout the week with Niall Rolland, the organisation’s PR & Development Officer.

John said:

“We believe it’s important to engage with MSPs on the vital role that youth organisations have in promoting sports and play opportunities for children and young people.

“Through the #TeamPlayerScot initiative, we want to see a more team-based approach to tackling barriers to participation in sport. The BB focuses on giving every child and young person a pathway to develop new skills and, working with others, we want to use sport, games and recreation to engage more young people.

“Each week our groups offer a range of sporting opportunities, in addition to adventurous activities, such as camps and expeditions.”

To coincide with the exhibition, The BB announced results from its recent survey into sports participation which showed that almost 80% of its 1545 section offers at least 30 minutes sporting activity every week.

A follow-up from the survey and the parliamentary exhibition will be published later this year.

View further details of the campaign here.

Aaron Irving (15), Matthew Turnbull (18), Barry Williams (18), Josh McGoldrick (18) ...back row left to right - Cameron Higgins (17), John Sharp (Director BB Scotland), Ian Moore (18)

Aaron Irving (15), Matthew Turnbull (18), Barry Williams (18), Josh McGoldrick (18) …back row left to right – Cameron Higgins (17), John Sharp (Director BB Scotland), Ian Moore (18)



  1. Helen Marriott says:

    Brilliant idea and competition between companies with regular interaction wld encourage more boys to join this fabulous organisation!!!!!