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International Women’s Day – Jenny’s story

Thursday 8th March 2018

Please introduce yourself

I’m Jenny Sclater, officer in charge of the junior section of 44th Aberdeen. Also Aberdeen and District Battalion secretary, North Scottish area secretary and Brigade Training Officer. I have been an officer in The Boys Brigade for over 30 years

Why do you volunteer as a BB leader?

In my case I went along to help out at 1st Kirkwall Boys Brigade for two or three weeks, and 32 years later I’m still doing it! I feel that I am doing something worthwhile and I simply enjoy what I’m doing.

What do you think has been your biggest achievement in the BB?

I enjoy training other volunteers, but I’d say my biggest achievement is seeing the boys progress and making a difference in their lives. Even if what I and others are doing in The Boys Brigade just makes a difference to one boy then that is worthwhile. All the boys benefit in some way, but sometimes there are cases where you know that you are making a real difference to their lives and that makes it all worthwhile. If I have helped just one boy to reach his full potential, then that is my biggest achievement.

What female role model inspires you?

My biggest inspiration was a lady called Mary Bews, who was the Officer in charge of the Junior Section of my first company 1st Kirkwall. She was incredibly committed and if it wasn’t for her then I wouldn’t be doing what I am now in The Boys Brigade now.

How do think your volunteering influences others – particularly young women?

Hopefully it shows them that volunteering is worthwhile, rewarding and enjoyable and it will encourage them to do the same.


You can learn more about volunteering with The Boys’ Brigade here.

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