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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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We asked some BB young people for their reactions to this ongoing crisis…

Friday 30th October 2015

How should European countries react to the crisis?

“We might run out of space but we do have lots more money than them”

Matthew, 10

“We should help by finding homes for them and giving them new clothes, food, toys, money and a bed. We could stop Hungary from blocking refugees from getting in their Country. It could be us.”

Josie, 9

“We feel that we should be welcoming the people with open arms because the people that are trying to flee are mostly innocent. Each European country has their own authorities, but personally we think that they should all be considerate about the situation.”

Nathan and Callum, 15

“Something should have been done sooner, it should not have got to this stage of pictures of children bein

Nathan, 13

Are the concerns about integration and the volume merited?

“Some just want the NHS and we cannot help everyone; we need to save it for our own. We have poor and struggling people as well.”

Mitchell 16

“Yes, there’ll be a language barrier which will make it hard for them. Plus they’ll need to learn all about our British ways, which we know some find hard.”

Tom, 15

Do youth organisations and churches have a role to play?

“Churches should help as there are no restrictions on who should be helped in the eyes of God. Everyone can and should do something nice to help those in need.”

Grace, 17

“Churches and youth organisations could help integrate these people into the community, help to find similar interests”

Connor, 13

Discuss this with your group

What are the opinions of your young people? You can get much more background to the situation by searching ‘Refugee Crisis’ or ‘Migrant crisis’.

Share what your young people think, email us newsdesk@boys-brigade.org.uk

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@BBgazette using hashtag #BBvoice

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