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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Theme Ideas: Egg-tastic

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Get into these themed programme ideas this Easter:

Get Active: Goal the Egg

Hard boil some eggs in preparation and let them cool before use. Mark out a line and then create two small goal posts at an appropriate distance away. The children one at a time take turns to try and roll the egg between the goal posts. See who gets the most goals, you can make the task more difficult or easier by increasing/decreasing the distance.

Get Active: Egg Tower Challenge

In preparation collect some toilet rolls or paper towel (kitchen) roll tubes and some eggs. You can cut the tubes down into smaller bits. Get the children into teams and set each team the challenge of building the tallest tower using cut up tubes and eggs (tube, egg, tube, egg, etc). You can either boil eggs use plastic eggs or use raw eggs. Using raw eggs will get quite messy when the towers fall over.

Get Creative: Tie Dye Eggs


  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Food Colouring (various)
  • Paper Towel/Kitchen Roll
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Tiny Elastics or Twist Ties
  • Disposable gloves


  1. Cut down the paper towel pieces into small rectangles. Place a cool, dry egg in the middle of the paper towel and wrap the paper towel up and around the egg so it’s completely covered. Twist the top of the paper towel so it’s tight against the egg and secure it with a tiny elastic band or similar.
  2. Wearing rubber gloves, gently squeeze drops of food colouring directly onto the paper towel wrapped egg (3 or 4 drops at a time), leaving some white space between each colour. Repeat until large food colouring dots around the whole egg.
  3. Using a spray bottle, gently spray a small amount of water into the centre of each food colouring dot. Keep spraying until the colours bleed and there is no more white space. The less water you spray, the brighter the colours on the egg will be.
  4. Gently squeeze the wet paper towel wrapped egg over the sink to drain excess water. Even if there’s no water, gently squeeze the egg to make sure the colour on the paper towel transfers to the egg.
  5. Place the wet, paper towel wrapped eggs in a tray and allow to dry. When the paper towels are completely dry, remove the elastics and unwrap.

Get into the Bible: The Seriously Surprising Story

The Bible Society has created some fantastic resources ideal for use with the Juniors age group. Follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ followers as they travel from Jerusalem to Emmaus and get talking to someone who gives them the biggest suprise of all! Alongside the video there is an Easter trail, storybooks and worksheets that you can use.

Download the video and check out the resources at biblesociety.org.uk/get-involved/easter/

Get Learning: Lego Egg Racer

Try out this engineering challenge to create a safe and fast Lego car for your Egg driver.


  • Eggs
  • Colouring pens
  • Lego (assorted, but sets of wheels required for each pair/group)

Split the children into pairs or small groups. Firstly, ask them to think about their egg, it’s going to become their driver so give it some character, provide some pens to do this. Next up the challenge is using Lego to create a car that is going to be fast, but also transport your egg driver safely. Once the Lego egg racers are ready, put them to test by trying them against each other. You can see which racer is the fastest, how the egg driver gets on and consider why different designs worked better than others.

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