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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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The Answer’s Out There

Friday 18th November 2016

For this issue we asked the following . . .

“What do you do in terms of following up members who haven’t yet returned after the summer break?”

“At the end of the summer holiday we visit every boy to hand deliver a letter and consent form. If someone doesn’t come back we send a postcard to the boy saying “we missed you” (I used one of the downloads from the BB website, printing 4 to a sheet of card).”

Jane Holden, 1st South Woodham Ferrers

“If a member of our Juniors doesn’t return after the first week we ask their friends to remind them and also send a reminder text to the parent. If after the second week they don’t turn up we talk with members who know them to see if they are away or moved etc and this followed by another text and a visit to the home by staff.”

Ian Rumbelow, 1st Martock & Hamdon

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