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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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The Answer’s Out There

Tuesday 9th August 2016

For this issue we asked the following…

“How do you connect with the parents of those in the Junior Section? Do you do anything particular to encourage parents to get involved in the programme in any way?”

In response to this a number of leaders have shared their thoughts.

“We talk to them at both ends of the meeting – particularly at the end. We use Facebook, emails and texts too, plus parents evenings, so they can see what we do, and take part, in whatever we are doing on the programme.”

John Boon, 2nd Witham


“Twitter and Facebook work really well for us as a Company in terms of engaging parents. It helps give them insight into what we get up to, with just a simple post with a picture on a weekly basis. Our parents also come along to church parades, fundraising events and our end of year BBQ”

Philip Norman, 10th Enfield


“We’d known for a long time that our parents drop their children off on a Friday evening and then go into town to get coffee. One of the team suggested we run a parents’ cafe, serving tea & coffee, helping us get to know the parents better and increasing our ministry. We’ve been doing this for the whole Brigade year and it’s really bearing fruit: the parents happily talk to each other, us and even bring cakes/biscuits to share. Parents don’t tend to get involved in programme so much but do provide ideas at the cafe.”

Jonathan Haddock, 1st Canterbury

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