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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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St Andrew’s Day

Wednesday 28th November 2018

One of the 12 Apostles, Saint Andrew is also Patron Saint of Scotland. This Friday (30 November) is Saint Andrew’s Day, so why not include some of the following ideas in your programme?

St Andrew’s Day Celebration

On or around the 30th November you could run a celebratory night of all things Scottish! Here are just some ideas you could include:

  • Design your own tartan
  • Hold your own ‘Highland Games’
  • Try out some Scottish produce, like shortbread, haggis and irn-bru
  • Listen to traditional music – or stream music from famous Scottish bands
  • Find out more about a famous Scot – like Sir William Alexander Smith!

Did you know?

  • St Andrew is also Patron Saint of Greece and Russia?
  • He was crucified on an X shaped cross and that’s how it appears on the Scotland flag!
  • The Boys’ Brigade began in Scotland in Glasgow on the 4th October 1883!
  • The town of St Andrew’s is also known for being the home of Golf!

Share your ideas!

How are you celebrating? What programme ideas have worked well in your section?

Let us know by emailing gazette@boys-brigade.org.uk or tweeting @theboysbrigade using hashtag #StAndrewsDay


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