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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Scottish Youth Parliament

Wednesday 18th December 2019

We are incredibly proud of the role that the Brigade plays in the development of young people. An important aspect of that is the development of confidence in a person, and then giving them a voice. As such, we are also incredibly proud of the young people who represent the Brigade in the Scottish Youth Parliament.

Alastair Thomson (1st Bearsden) and Christopher Winters (7th Wishaw) are our current Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament and will be working closely with SYP on their latest campaign: Pack it up, Pack it in. The aim of this campaign is to empower young people to speak out and take action to reduce pollution levels in Scotland. If your Company and/or Battalion would like to contribute to national discussions and work on this campaign, please reach out to Christopher and Alastair at the following email addresses: christopher.winters.msyp@sypmail.org.uk and alastair.thomson.msyp@sypmail.org.uk

We look forward to updating you on Christopher and Alastair’s work throughout the session

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